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Greetings from Peace Corps Nepal

Peace Corps Nepal is one of the oldest and most beloved of Peace Corps’ programs. From 1962 to 2004, over 4,200 Volunteers contributed to the development of this country and made lifelong impressions and friendships with the Nepali people. The program successfully returned to Nepal in 2012 after an eight - year absence due to civil unrest.

Since then, four groups of Volunteers have arrived in Nepal. The most recent group finished their training in July 2015 and is now beginning their Peace Corps service, while the second group have already completed their Peace Corps service in November 2015 and moved on to new adventures, whether that be further work in international development, graduate school, or possibly extended travel on the way home.

We currently have 48 Volunteers serving in Nepal, all of whom work in our Food Security Project. They are placed in 14 districts of the West, Mid-West, and Far-West Development Regions of Nepal. See the map below.

Prospective Volunteers

If you are interested in the Peace Corps and considering Nepal as one of the countries in which you would like to serve, Peace Corps Nepal currently has job openings on the Peace Corps website for our Food Security Program.

In 2016, we are expecting 25 new Trainees to serve in our Food Security program.  Volunteers for this program will arrive in Nepal in April of 2016

Our new English Education program is now under development, with details to be completed by late winter 2016. We expect or first group of Volunteers to arrive in April of 2018.  We anticipate that Peace Corps Volunteers in the new Education program will be teaching and/or co-teaching English as a foreign Language (TEFL) for students in government schools located in rural areas of Nepal in the upper primary grades.

We are delighted that you might be interested in serving in the Peace Corps in Nepal and will consider applying for our Food Security project in 2016. Please browse through our website for more information on Peace Corps Nepal activities. Some of the links below might be of your interest!




  • CAPITAL CITY – Kathmandu
  • LARGEST CITY – Kathmandu
  • AREA (KM2) – 147,181 km2
  • POPULATION – 27.47 million, 2012
  • GDP – US$ 41.22 billion
  • CURRENCY – Nepalese rupee (NPR)